Sewage sludge and sewage gas

Purified wastewater leaves traces: sewage sludge and also sewage gas, which are valuable residual materials from the wastewater treatment process, and simultaneously raw materials for energy generation.

In the final phase of wastewater treatment, large volumes of energy-rich sewage gas are produced in the digesters of the wastewater treatment plants. This gas can be used as a fuel in combined heat and power units, which simultaneously produce electricity and heat. We preferentially use this in our own plants. Thus, for example, the combined heat and power unit of the LIPPEVERBAND at the Dorsten wastewater treatment plant covers the majority of the electricity requirements of the facility, and additionally heats the plant buildings. The same applies e.g. to the wastewater treatment plant of the EMSCHERGENOSSENSCHAFT in Bottrop. This saves natural resources, puts the sewage gas to good use, and lowers operating costs.