Rivers - considered as a whole

A river is not a company – so why does it need management? The answer is simple: in our densely populated and industrialised regions, there are many demands placed on bodies of water. Wastewater from cities, businesses and industry must be dealt with, and flood protection must be ensured. We want to fish, swim, go boating, and much more. In order to fulfil these tasks, a river basin needs maintenance - and this maintenance can only be provided through the coordinated cooperation of all participants.

And this is what exactly river basin management means: ensuring the best possible conditions, both for the population and for nature, independently of all political boundaries. Optimal technical and economic results are the equally ranked aims of our efforts. Our focus is therefore as much on the latest state of technology as on a cost-effective solution. River basin management must remain affordable. In this respect, we can stand up to any comparison. Our benchmarking activities prove that we are amongst the best in the industry.

River basin management from the beginning

On the Emscher and Lippe, the consistent management of river basins has over a hundred years of history. What began back then as the consideration and management of a river basin as an integrated whole has today become the European standard. A long chain of vain attempts to manage their stubborn river on their own taught the people of the Emscher region early on that they needed to cooperate across city limits and private interests. For a very long time, all individual flood protection initiatives remained unsuccessful. Therefore, in 1899, the EMSCHERGENOSSENSCHAFT was founded as a joint initiative of neighbouring towns, mining companies and industry, making it the first German water management association. The LIPPEVERBAND followed around 25 years later, because mining subsidence on the Lippe and Seseke had also led to significant interference with run-off capabilities and the groundwater. Continuous flooding of the surrounding areas caused great damage, and standing water formed the breeding grounds for dangerous epidemics. Here, too, a plan for the entire river basin was modelled on that of the Emscher to solve the problem. Comprehensive expertise and many years of experience make us a tried-and-tested partner and problem-solver in the fields of water management.