Leisure and culture in a changed region

The restructuring of the Emscher and Lippe represents complex planning, technical and logistical challenges that will sustainably change an entire region. We consider ourselves above all a river basin manager, but beyond that also as an initiator that wants to actively support the process of change in terms of more than just the waterways: in living and working on the water, through the restructuring of culture and leisure.

At numerous dialogue events, in brochures and on this website, we provide information about the conversion of the Emscher system and the restructuring of the Lippe and its subsidiary waterways. We would like to take this opportunity to keep you up to date about our leisure and culture projects on the rivers and streams – e.g. about the progressive opening up of the riverbank zones for walkers and cyclists . After all, we have developed our expeditions and cycle maps not least so that you can explore and experience these areas.