'Innovatherm Gesellschaft zur Nutzung von Brennstoffen mbH' (Limited Company for the Use of Fuels) was founded in 1995. The task of the company is to utilise sewage sludge in compliance with economic criteria to generate electricity and process heat. Through the innovative use of sewage sludge as a fuel, the central problem of wastewater disposal was solved.

Innovatherm is a full-service provider. Its key task is the utilisation and disposal of conditioned and municipal sewage sludge, industrial sludge, and various other waste materials. Further focal points include consulting in relation to waste disposal law, support in the definition of waste codes, and comprehensive disposal, including transport.

The industrial power plant of Innovatherm was completed and commissioned in 1997, and has since supplied the neighbouring coal processing plant with electricity. In addition, electrical energy is fed into the grid of the Lünen Municipal Utilities.