Emscher Wassertechnik / Lippe Wassertechnik

Modern water management is based on two factors – up-to-date knowledge, and a maximum of experience in operation. Emscher Wassertechnik GmbH and Lippe Wassertechnik GmbH can offer both. As 100% subsidiaries of EMSCHERGENOSSENSCHAFT and LIPPEVERBAND, they have access to the wealth of experience resulting from over 100 years of water management practice, and the expertise of the largest German wastewater disposal company.

Lippe Wassertechnik GmbH (LW) and Emscher Wassertechnik GmbH (EW) were founded in 1994 as 100% subsidiaries of the LIPPEVERBAND and the EMSCHERGENOSSENSCHAFT. They offer solutions both for individual aspects and for complex tasks. The range of services include the handling of water Management tasks, consulting in the organisational, cost and economic issues relating to water management, engineering services in the fields of soil, groundwater, stormwater and wastewater, and waterway, landscape and property planning for hydraulic engineering projects. Furthermore, the field of activities extends to guided tours of plants, project management, GIS-supported data management and user training. A team of experienced engineers, scientists, technicians and draughtsmen implements innovative solutions with the aid of state-of-the-art technology. Our experts are available rapidly and flexibly, worldwide.