The task of BETREM Emscherbrennstoffe GmbH is professional and future-oriented waste management. This includes above all the safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective processing and disposal of sewage sludge. The company is a 100% subsidiary of the EMSCHERGENOSSENSCHAFT.

BETREM has been processing sewage sludge into fuel of defined quality since 1983. By means of a deliberate process of mixing, fuels with uniform heating values are manufactured, which are used in thermal waste disposal plants to generate electricity and/or process heat, in compliance with economic criteria. All waste disposal plants fulfil the strict requirements of the 17th German Federal Emission Protection Directive. In Lünen, the subsidiary INNOVATHERM operates the largest incineration plant for sewage sludge in Germany. Over 230,000 tonnes of processed fuel per year are a clear indication of the professional and routine operating processes. Modern technology and high output guarantee of economical operation.