Our vision for the future and our claim

In the year 2030, we will be a major stakeholder, shaping the region and ensuring greater quality of life.

We are partners for our members

We are in dialogue with our members, and know their requirements and needs. We act cost-consciously, in order to keep the fee contributions of our members within reasonable limits, and utilise these fees efficiently in pursuit of the aims of the company. We utilise further financing options such as subsidies in order to finance our Projects.

We perform our statutory tasks using modern plant technology

In the interests of integrated water management, we operate proactively utilising cutting-edge technologies. We develop strategies as a response to climate change, and have solutions for the wide range of water management challenges. We use regenerative energies and exploit the potential from wastewater, with the aim of optimising energy utilisation and costs.

We provide innovative services out of social responsibility

for the entire region, e.g. urban development, ecology and education projects. Together with our core business, this allows us to generate added value and improved quality of life for the population, ensuring sustainable regional development.

We are a flexible, fast and capable organisation with efficient structures and processes, competent employees and strong subsidiaries

We set ourselves apart through our strong internal networking and constructive collaboration. We continuously work to improve our organisation. In order to fulfil our social responsibility towards our employees and to ensure their productivity in future, we operate a comprehensive health Management system.

We employees work in a reliable and family-friendly environment, and identify with the aims of the company.