Our claim

For more than 100 years, we have been active in our region. Our statutory task is to work in the public Service of all residents and the benefit of our members, without economic self-interest. In the largest metropolitan area in Europe, we are ensuring the revival of living, species-rich river landscapes, and providing inspiration for urban development and structural change.

Greater quality of life on the Emscher and Lippe

We are continuously developing further in order to offer residents, municipal administrations and businesses ever better and more cost-effective services. In order to improve the living environments on the Emscher and Lippe, we utilise our knowledge of ecology and technology. In our planning, we react at an early stage to changing boundary conditions and new water management issues. In this manner, we are already today developing regional action strategies for the water management of tomorrow. Ultimately, it is our obligation to ensure a functioning water cycle with sufficient water resources for future generations. Thus, we help to improve the quality of life for the people in the region.

Working together as partners

We comply with the technical and statutory boundary conditions to fulfil our tasks in a cost-conscious and efficient manner. Modern management methods form the basis for us to assert ourselves sustainably under market conditions. This keeps our members' fees as low as possible. Our member relations are characterised by reliability and fair partnership. We are committed to a continuous improvement process, whereby our processes are subject to ongoing optimisation and we consistently apply measures to improve quality.

Together for the region

Our committed employees are the guarantors that we will achieve our ambitious goals. Our work together is characterised by interaction on a partnership basis, and autonomous and independently responsible activity. The management personnel encourage independence on the part of their employees. We focus on the individual. Equal opportunities for men and women is as natural for us as our social responsibility towards our employees. We operate proactive occupational safety, caring health management, and cultivate an open style of communication with one another. Our employees take their responsibilities seriously, and are competent and efficient.