About us

The EMSCHERGENOSSENSCHAFT was founded on 14 December 1899, as the first German water Management association. This served as a model for a whole series of further water associations, including the LIPPEVERBAND, which was founded on 18 January 1926. The EMSCHERGENOSSENSCHAFT and LIPPEVERBAND cooperated closely from the start, and work together under the single roof of a harmonised organisational structure.

As a self-administering public sector entity, the EMSCHERGENOSSENSCHAFT is supported and financed by its members: city administrations, businesses and mining companies. The members participate in opinion-forming and decisions through the annual meetings and association councils.

Our association has always represented a high degree of technical competence. We have for example set standards with our wastewater treatment plants. We have also generated clear inspiration in the dissemination and practical testing of techniques for stormwater infiltration. As a modern water management association, we have clear organisational structures and a commercial accounting system with controlling tools. An example of continuous process optimisation is our leading role in the development of benchmarking for wastewater treatment plants. We calculate the potential here by comparing the best figures achieved in the industry, in order to continuously check and further reduce our costs.