Dyke-building 'HaLiMa'


Starting in July 2016, the LIPPEVERBAND will be renovating its flood protection dykes in Haltern-Lippramsdorf and Marl (HaLiMa) over a length of 5.6 kilometres. The existing dykes on the north and south banks of the Lippe will be replaced with new dykes, further back from the river. The new dykes will likewise be up to 14 metres high, but will have gentler slopes than the old ones. In addition, the Lippe will gain a watermeadow area of around 60 hectares. After the completion of the construction work, the river in the HaLiMa area will be considerably shallower and broader than it is today. The total scope of the work will cover a construction period of 7.5 years, and will be 100 percent financed by the State of NRW and RAG AG.

Overall, the implementation of the project will require around 3.2 million cubic metres of soil mass. In the first stage of construction, 1.4 million cubic metres of soil mass will be required. Of this, 65 percent will be delivered by means of inland shipping, while the remaining 35 percent will arrive by road. The increased traffic levels due to the trucks may result in dust pollution at times.

Starting in the summer of 2016, a new route will also be laid for the Römer-Lippe Route. The diversion will be signposted accordingly.