The Lippeverband

River basin management on the Lippe

Bringing nature back to the Lippe and its catchment area on the basis of stable, functional water management – this is the main task of the LIPPEVERBAND as river manager for the lower and middle course of the Lippe and its subsidiary waterways. Important subtasks here include flood protection, management of water drainage, balancing out water levels, and wastewater treatment. We on the Lippe have already implemented river basin management, as prescribed by the Water Framework Directive of the European Union from the year 2000.

The LIPPEVERBAND was founded on 18 January 1926, as a water management association for the middle and lower sections of the Lippe river. We cooperated closely with the EMSCHERGENOSSENSCHAFT from the start, as the oldest German water association. The two associations work together under the aegis of a harmonised organisational structure.

As an autonomous public sector entity, the LIPPEVERBAND is supported and financed by its members: city administrations, businesses and mining companies. The members participate in opinion-forming and decisions through the annual meetings and association councils.