Technical data

The conversion of the Emscher system covers the entire main waterway of the Emscher and its subsidiary waterways. The technical services performed in the process are shown below:

Emscher Wastewater Sewer

Length of the sewer: 51 Kilometres
Total length: 73.4 kilometres pipe route, of which pipe jacking: 51.3 kilometres, of which Tübbing pipe jacking: 2 x >10 kilometres
Cross-sections: 1,600 to 2,800 mm
Gradient: 1,5 ‰
Shaft structure: 113
Deep shaft structures: 10 bis 40 Meter
Diameter of shafts: 6 bis 23 Meter
Earth excavated: 1.300.000 Kubikmeter
Diaphragm wall: 55.000 Quadratmeter
Bored pile wall: 94.000 Quadratmeter