Support - financial and subject-specific

The Emscher Conversion is not only of great importance to the region. Both the dimensions of the project and its many-layered connections with the economy, social and cultural development, and the ecological restructuring of an entire urban metropolitan area make the Emscher Conversion a model project for similar challenges in Germany, Europe, and beyond. The financial and content-specific support is correspondingly great on a national and international level.

First and foremost – the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

The water management conversion of the Emscher is an established component of state policy. The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia explicitly promotes the Emscher Conversion, and supports it with significant sums of money. In its Coalition Agreement dated 16 June 2005 and its governmental declaration dated 13 June 2005, it identified the project as an important milestone in the successful structural change of the region, and assured the EMSCHERGENOSSENSCHAFT and participating partners of its support. The state funding for the Emscher Conversion has thus far amounted to 18 percent.

Exchange of experience and cooperation – The European Union

With its structural support programme InterReg IIIB, the EU created a platform to support regions in Northwestern Europe in cooperating and exchanging experience. We therefore sought out contact with European partners facing comparable challenges – whether through their responsibility for metropolitan areas, on in interdisciplinary water management issues.