On the way to the new mouth of the Emscher

The Emscher travels around 80 km between its source in Dinslaken and where it meets the Rhine. The Emscher still cascades into the Rhine from a weir around six metres high – an ecological barrier between the Emscher and the Rhine, which fish and other organisms cannot pass.

The construction of a new, near-natural estuary area began in 2014. The mouth of the Emscher is being relocated 700 metres closer to Voerde. In future, a watermeadow area will extend here over 20 hectares. For the entire construction period, a timeframe of four to six years is estimated. Due to the location within the immediate sphere of influence of the Rhine, the actual construction time required will be heavily dependent on the drainage and groundwater conditions of the Rhine.

It is planned that the new estuary watermeadow will develop in accordance with its own dynamics, and will form water-filled hollows, wet grasslands, and fluctuating arms of river. This will simultaneously result in the creation of additional retention space for the Rhine, which will be flooded in the event of high water in the Rhine. In a few years, a natural watermeadow landscape with cycle paths and hiking trails will inspire visitors to experience the new area for day trips and recreation.