Facts and figures

The Emscher is an unusual river. It flows through one of the most densely populated areas in Europe. Its gradients and minimum water flow are particularly low. In the event of floods, however, the water volume can increase dramatically – all complex challenges for water management.

River basin -
Altitude (Emscher) 21 bis 144 m above sea level
Difference in altitude (Emscher) 123 m
Average gradient (Emscher) 1,5 ‰
Minimum water flow (MNQ) 9,4 m³/s
Average water flow (MQ) 19 m³/s
Average high water (MHQ) 130 m³/s
Highest high water (HHQ) 246 m³/s
Average groundwater formation 130 mm/a
Waterways 341 km
Clean waterways 119 km
Wastewater channels 223 km
Dykes 116,92 km
Emscher main waterway 60,47 km
Emscher subsidiary waterways 52,25 km
Beeckerwerth Rhine dyke 4,2 km
Plants -
Wastewater treatment plants 5
Central sewage sludge treatment plants 1
Pumping stations 128
of which wastewater pumping stations 7
of which drainage and flood prevention pumping stations 121
proportion of land drained by pumping stations approx. 38 %
Flood retention basins 22
Stormwater retention basins 23
Mixed water treatment plants 103
Regenwasserbehandlungsanlagen 83
Stormwater overflows 20
Date 30 June 2015